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We provide all types of fire extinguishers in Bolton. Do you have the correct fire extinguisher to put out a fire right now? When was the last time your fire extinguishers were serviced? Fire extinguishers can be a critical factor to stop small fires from spreading and it is important that at minimum the UK regulations are met. KJ Fire Safety are one of the leading providers of fire extinguishers in Bolton and moreover our engineers are trained to install and service all types of extinguishers. Being a family owned company has its merits, and this is how we can continue to provide our customers with incredible service.


Our knowledge of fire extinguishers has come from 50 years of experience and we provide all types of services in Bolton. Studies by FETA and IFEDA continue to show that fire extinguishers work to put out fires and are essential for all premises to have. Fire extinguishers must be installed correctly and serviced each year in commercial settings. We can ensure that they are located in the safest place as well. KJ Fire can provide all of this at a fair price for you. Furthermore we provide training for companies in the safe and effective use of fire extinguishers. This will keep you prepared for emergencies.

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No matter your business KJ Fire is trained to fit and remove fire extinguishers. We supply many industries in Manchester including healthcare, education, hospitality, retail, HMO’s (houses of multiple occupancy) and any other type of building. Our team always remain flexible and this means that you can choose the service that you require and let us do the hard work for you.

We also provide other fire and security related services. For instance we also provide fire alarm services, fire risk assessments, and security related equipment. We make this as cost-efficient as possible by combining these services where we are able.


The new Firexo extinguisher is the first extinguisher that tackles all types of fires. For those in Bolton this is a revolutionary piece of equipment. There will no longer be the added risk of using the wrong type of extinguisher. The Firexo can also same you money which means that rather than having two different extinguisher types in the one place, the Firexo can be used instead.