We here at KJ Fire Safety are experts in the installation and maintenance of fire alarms. With over 50+ years’ experience in the industry we can guarantee that you will be satisfied by our services and hospitality. Our services include the design, supply, installation, commissioning and maintenance of fire alarm systems. We take a holistic approach with our fire alarm systems and believe we can keep you protected as well as save you money. Our advanced fire monitoring systems allow us to keep our promise to protect you and your assets. With many different fire alarm products continuing to flood the market we can provide expert advice as to which ones will best suit your business needs. We understand that the needs of all businesses may differ, and we strive to provide you with a service that none of our competitors can match.


You should have a fire alarm service at least once every 6 months as recommended in BS 5839. Don’t forget that as well as having an inspection carried out twice a year, it’s an important requirement for you to carry out a weekly fire test too.

Following each fire alarm service we will issue the relevant certification and reports.

As a fire alarm service is an exercise in time, the price you pay will be dependant on the hours needed to complete a thorough inspection.

We highly recommend the services of a reputable fire safety specialist such as ourselves. KJ Safety can mitigate your building’s fire risk, give us a call to find out how. We’ve put together a handy guide to help answer any maintenance questions you may have. If you’d like any help, let us know.



In short, yes. It is very important that you have your fire alarm serviced. If your fire alarm system is not in full working order you run the risk of fines, imprisonment and loss of life. It’s one of the reasons commercial buildings are subject to extensive fire regulations. Regulations help ensure the safety of customers and employees and prevent damage to property. An integral aspect of fire safety is the condition of fire detection and alarm systems. If you don’t know the last time you had a fire alarm service get in touch with us today. We can organise a full inspection to ensure you and your building are compliant with the latest British Standards.

If you are the Responsible Person you must ensure that your fire alarm system including fire extinguishers are being tested regularly and are in full working order. It’s not enough to assume that everything is working correctly. Thorough checks must be carried out.  Even small flames in obscured locations have the potential to escalate into substantial fires if they are not detected at an early stage. A fully operational fire detection system alerts you to such a problem and makes evacuation and fire extinguishing possible before it can result in injury or damage.

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KJ Fire Safety has a team of fully certified and experienced engineers that can provide you with a personalised and cost-effective fire system maintenance solution.

Our engineers not only have the required technical experience to service your fire safety system, but they are also up to date on the latest legal requirements to ensure ongoing certification, peace of mind, and regulatory compliance.

When you contact us for system maintenance, our team will carry out an extensive fire risk assessment and site survey, and provide you with a unique service strategy that is suited to your building and budget.

Our engineers also understand that your building requirements, business activities, and fire safety needs may change over time. We will continually evaluate and develop your fire safety systems to ensure ongoing safety and compliance.


We believe that you should be able to protect your life and assets without breaking the bank. We promise cheap fire safety solutions without compromising on the quality of products or effectiveness of fire systems. We at KJ take a holistic approach to your business. Our expert engineers will be able to implement old and new technology to ensure that they work together and all work effectively.

KJ Fire Safety Ltd is Constructionline Accredited ensuring that your assets will be protected and up to date with the current British regulation standards. Choose KJ Fire Safety to manage your fire alarm systems and we promise that you will stay protected no matter the circumstances. Our expert staff are dedicated to providing you with a safe working and home environment and we promise that you will feel safe and supported by our fire alarm systems.