Being in one of the hubs of Europe has its merits but CCTV in Manchester is strongly advised in order to prevent theft as well as vandalism to your property. We are just a stone’s throw away from the action and always available should you have any questions relating to your CCTV. Whether you need a multi-site security system for a large commercial business or just a single localised system for your domestic home, KJ Fire can help.

With over 50 years experience we are experts in the installation and maintenance of CCTV systems. As a family run business we pride ourselves on being reliable and guarantee that our services and hospitality will exceed anything you have had before. We are aware that everyone has different needs. Because of this we keep our knowledge up to date so that we can provide advice and options to you about what kinds of CCTV is available for your business.

Services that we provide include the installation, repairs and ongoing servicing of CCTV and security systems.

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CCTV in Wigan


There are multiple reasons why having CCTV in Manchester is important. Firstly, having CCTV will ward away any unauthorised personnel. Intruders are less likely to break into a building if they see that it has extensive CCTV coverage. Secondly, catching a criminal in the act is the evidence that you will need to prove that a crime has been committed. This can be needed in court or even for insurance. With so many different types of cameras on the market it can be hard to decide on the correct ones for your premises.

There are multiple factors when deciding what type of CCTV to use. Below are some things to consider.

Do you need your cameras to be indoor or outdooor?

Would you like to capture audio?

Do the cameras need to be discreet or concealed?

Is night vision required?

Do you want to capture one focal point or have 360 degree surveillance?

Each of these factors may need to be considered to help decide what the best CCTV is for you. If you’re looking for a quality alarm system that will protect your residential, retail or commercial premises, get in touch with a member of our team.


Your assets will remain safe with our 24 hour intruder alarm monitoring in Manchester. Having 24/7 monitoring means that your premises will be protected at all hours. The correct people will be advised once an alarm has been triggered and so to will the relevant authorities. As well as CCTV and intruder alarm monitoring we also offer access control and services for other systems.

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