KJ Fire Safety are proud to introduce the new, innovative Firexo Fire Extinguisher range. Firexo are the first and only extinguishers in the world to tackle all fires, fast, no matter the source.

Firexo are simple to use and extremely effective meaning you have improved peace of mind as well as reduced training, maintenance and installation costs. Plus, their unique formula is environmentally friendly meaning you don’t need to worry about additional damage to your surroundings should you ever need to use one.

Available in a range of sizes and colours, Firexo fire extinguishers are the perfect addition to any home or business. As an approved Firexo distributor, you can be sure you’re in safe hands when you choose KJ Fire Safety. Speak to a member of our friendly team today or scroll down for more information.


There a two ways in which Firexo can save you time. The most obvious way is in the event of an emergency. It can be difficult to understand which fire extinguisher should be used in each situation. Unfortunately, even those that have been trained in the past might forget in a moment of panic. When a fire breaks out, those little decisions about which fire extinguisher to use have the potential to waste precious seconds. With a Firexo extinguisher on hand, that’s a decision that you can skip.

Choosing Firexo can also save you valuable work hours in terms of training. As there is only one extinguisher to tackle each potential hazard, employers and workers no longer need to spend hours reading up on different classes of fire and ignition sources. Firexo extinguishers are a fantastic way to save time, helping to keep everyone safer and avoiding any unnecessary damage to your office furnishings and equipment.


In your place of work the fire extinguishers should always be placed in strategic positions.

Regulation dictates that at least two Class A fire extinguishers (for materials, paper and wood) should be provided on each floor of the building, as well as at least two extinguishers that are suitable for electrical fires. Usually, this means that you’ll have to purchase at least four fire extinguishers, as an absolute minimum. Some work-spaces will need even more dependant on size and the type of work undertaken. For example a multi-storey factory with 500 employees will require more extinguishers than your local corner shop. 

Often, you’ll position at least two fire extinguishers in each location, so that the right extinguisher can be quickly accessed in the event of an office fire. With Firexo, you need only one extinguisher in each of your chosen positions. Overall, you’ll save money without compromising on safety. You won’t need a different extinguisher for each type of fire, and your extinguishers won’t take up any more space than is absolutely necessary.

In addition to this, a lower number of extinguishers in your building means that the installation and maintenance costs will also be lower keeping more money in your business. Throw in the fact that you only have to train your staff on one extinguisher rather than multiple and suddenly investing in Firexo Extinguishers becomes a no-brainer.

We all hope that an office fire will never be something that we experience, but it is important to feel confident that you have everything in place for fast, decisive action when it’s needed.

All Fires. Fast.

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