Design and Installation of Fire Alarm Systems

At KJ Fire Safety, we have a team of professional and certified engineers who have extensive experience in fire detection and alarm system design.

As part of our equipment design and installation services, we will assess your building’s floorplan, existing systems, and regulatory fire safety procedures. We will then formulate a detection and alarm system that meets your building’s unique fire safety requirements.

KJ Fire Safety only uses equipment that meets British Standards, and we carry out all installations within specified time-frames and budgets. After installing the fire safety systems, we will recommend an effective maintenance and service plan to ensure that your building is compliant on an ongoing basis.

We Only Use British Standard Compliant Equipment

As a Responsible Person, you want to know that the safety equipment in your building is manufactured in a controlled setting and it meets specific requirements in terms of quality, durability and fire safety in the UK.

Equipment that is compliant to British Standards typically has a longer lifespan than non-compliant gear, which lowers replacement and installation costs over the long-run. You can also rest assured that the safety systems we install will not fail you at a critical time.


KJ Fire Safety is a Fire Safety and Security Company You Can Trust

When it comes to preventing fires on your property, you want safety solutions from a reputable workplace fire safety specialist who not only provides you with assessment solutions, high-end fire safety equipment, and basic fire safety tips, but who also goes the extra mile to take your unique situation and convenience into account.

KJ Fire Safety is fully certified and entirely up to date on the latest building codes, fire safety regulations, and equipment standards. We incorporated our vast knowledge of fire hazards with relevant legislation and regulations to formulate solutions that are geared toward:

–    Ensuring the safety of all occupants

–    Preventing damage to your property

–    Keeping the running costs related to safety as low as possible

Leave the fire safety of your building in the hands of experts. Contact KJ Fire Safety today to schedule a fire risk assessment.

Fire safety is crucial to prevent personal injury, damage to property, and disruption to your business activities. Routine fire assessments and safety equipment are also requirements to ensure regulatory compliance, especially if you have many employees or a licensed building.

As a Responsible Person, you may not have the necessary skills and experience to eliminate fire hazards. The good news is that, if you own or manage a building in Manchester, Preston, Liverpool or anywhere else in the North West KJ Fire Safety can help.

We offer a wide range of services, including:

–    Fire risk assessments

–    Design and installation of fire detection and alarm systems

–    Routine maintenance and ongoing certification

–    Around the clock monitoring and emergency response

–    Staff safety training

Installing fire detection and alarm systems is one of the first steps to establish fire safety. To learn more about KJ Fire Safety’s design and installation services, get in touch with our office.

Other Services Include Service and MaintenanceEmergency Response/24hr MonitoringStaff Training  – Fire Risk Assessment