24 Hour Fire Alarm Monitoring and Emergency Response

Our 24 hour alarm monitoring service ensures your system is being watched round the clock. In the event of your fire alarm going off out of hours, we will get in touch with you to let you know. If you’re an existing customer, in the event of a fire we will attend site to assist you.

We offer emergency response to all our customers. If you experience an issue with you fire alarm, CCTV, nurse-call or any other system we service and maintain for you then let us know. We will ensure an engineer is with you as soon as possible, no matter the time of day.

Fire Alarm Monitoring and Emergency

KJ Fire Safety is a commercial fire alarm monitoring company that can detect a fire seconds after it starts – which allows for early action to prevent injury or property damage.

As part of this service, we continually monitor your fire detection and alarm systems. If there is a fire or danger of a fire breaking out, one of our fire safety specialists will contact you and walk you through the process of addressing the problem.

To save you time and money, we will always try to help you sort out the problem yourself. However, in the case of an explosion, gas leaks, or other dire circumstances, we will arrange for one of our engineers to visit your site.

Our surveillance service is incredibly effective. If there is a problem, we will receive an instant notification, which will allow you to take immediate preventative action.


When is Fire Alarm Monitoring Required?

Every building has unique commercial fire alarm monitoring requirements. You may need fire alarm monitoring if:

–    You employ more than five people

–    Your premise is licensed

–    Your building is subject to an alterations notice

There are several regulations and laws in place that stipulate when a building is required by law to sign up for a regulated monitoring service. To find out of you need fire monitoring, contact KJ Fire Safety to schedule a consultation and site assessment.

Apart from regulatory requirements, you may also need monitoring for added assurance that your employees are safe and that your property is out of harm’s way. Many things can cause a fire, including faulty wiring, space heaters, and frayed outlets. KJ Fire Safety’s services are aimed at mitigating fire risks and damages.


Providing Peace of Mind

It is estimated that 40 per cent of businesses never recover from large fires. In addition to structural damage, a fire can also result in personal injury, legal suits, loss in equipment, insurance issues, and loss of life. While taking steps to prevent fire damage may seem inconvenient, it is worth your while to avoid the negative repercussions associated with a fire breakout.

The outbreak of a fire is a reality, especially if your organisation carries out industrial operations. If you are responsible for fire safety, you have to conduct routine fire risk assessments, install and maintain fire safety systems, and train your staff to respond to fire alarms.

If your building is in Manchester (or any area), you can rely on KJ Fire Safety to take care of all your building’s fire safety requirements. In addition to risk assessments and detection and alarm system installation, KJ Fire Safety can also provide you with a high-end around the clock alarm monitoring and emergency response service.

You need an immediate and specialist response to the presence of heat, flames, or smoke in your building. To learn more about KJ Fire Safety and our emergency services, get in touch with our office today.

KJ Fire Safety goes the extra mile to ensure that we provide you with a high-end service that is cost-effective and convenient. Contact us to schedule a fire risk assessment.


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