Every employer knows how important it is to have the correct fire safety equipment. Fire can spread in minutes, particularly in office environments full of electrical equipment, stacks of paper and lines of desks in close proximity.

Protecting yourself, your employees and your assets requires forward planning. You and your staff should be aware of what to do in the event of a fire, so that you’re in control if the unthinkable should ever happen.

Unfortunately, when panic takes over, none of us know exactly how we’ll behave. Thinking on the spot can be difficult in an emergency, which is why you should know your fire safety equipment inside out.

What colour fire extinguisher should you use?

It’s difficult to remember which fire extinguisher should be used in each situation. Unfortunately, even those that have been trained in the past might forget in a moment of panic.

Water fire extinguishers should be used on wood, fire and fabric, but can be extremely dangerous when used around electrical equipment. So, whilst it might be the first fire extinguisher that you reach for when your paperwork sets alight at your desk, you’ll have to be careful around computers, wires and cables. Meanwhile, a carbon dioxide extinguisher is suited to flammable liquids and electricals but would not be so effective around wood and paper.

When your office employees are faced with the first signs of a fire, will they always have the presence of mind to act fast and pick up the correct fire extinguisher? Whilst we all hope that we’ll respond correctly in an emergency situation, any doubts can be set aside if you choose an extinguisher that’s suitable for all fires.

What is a Firexo fire extinguisher?

Firexo extinguishers are easy to use and suited to all types and classifications of fire. They’re all-rounders, removing any confusion and making it easier to train your staff in the correct fire safety procedure.

When a fire breaks out, those little decisions about which fire extinguisher to use will have the potential to waste valuable seconds. With a Firexo extinguisher on hand, that’s a decision that you can skip. Firexo extinguishers save time, helping to keep everyone safer and avoiding any unnecessary damage to your office furnishings and equipment.

How can Firexo extinguishers save money?

In your office, fire extinguishers should be placed in strategic positions.

The law dictates that that at least two Class A fire extinguishers (for materials, paper and wood) should be provided on each floor of the building, as well as at least two extinguishers that are suitable for electrical fires. Some offices will need even more. Usually, this means that you’ll have to purchase at least four fire extinguishers, as an absolute minimum.

Often, you’ll position at least two fire extinguishers in each location, so that the right extinguisher can be quickly accessed in the event of an office fire. With Firexo, you need only one extinguisher in each of your chosen positions. Overall, you’ll save money without compromising on safety. You won’t need a different extinguisher for each type of fire, and your extinguishers won’t take up any more space than is absolutely necessary.

We all hope that an office fire will never be something that we experience, but it is important to feel confident that you have everything in place for fast, decisive action when it’s needed.

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