For Audio Induction Loops Blackburn you have come to the best place. KJ Fire Safety provides Audio Induction Loops for all types of businesses in the area. Other common names for induction loops are audio-frequency induction loops, or hearing loops. Blackburn is a town of rich history and has a great diversity of people. Consequently you may want to ensure that those with hearing difficulties are able to use the provisions in your premises. Our engineers are experienced at providing induction loop systems for companies that require hearing assisted facilities. There are multiple options open to you and our staff are always here to discuss your needs. Induction loops are one of our services that we can provide as an inclusive service package or as a standalone service. We are a family run business that understands that each company has individual needs. Because of this we are proud to offer a customised service to match with your business needs. For all things induction loop Blackburn, speak to us now.

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WHAT IS AN INDUCTION LOOP- Blackburn Induction Loops

Induction loops are used to assist those that have reduced ranges of hearing and provide many benefits. Hearing loops are an assistive listening technology that consists of one or more physical loops of cable around a room. The cable is either looped around a room or secured in a single point in a room. As a result a magnetic field is produced which radiates out from the point of installation. Furthermore individuals who have specific hearing devices can then pick up on the magnetic field that is translated into sounds.

Induction loops can be incredibly useful as they help to cut out background noise and allows a listener to hear things more clearly. For example it can cut out background noise at a train station so that only announcements are heard in the earphones. Another example is at a cinema- rather than a traditional hearing-aid picking up all noise including audience laughter, an induction loop can broadcast just the movie audio and give the user a much better experience.

If you require advice regarding induction loops in Blackburn, give us a call today on 01942 562 021 and we will be happy to answer any questions.