Fire Safety in Care Homes

Fire safety should be a priority to all staff members in a care home. Residents in a care home are typically more vulnerable and susceptible to personal injury when there is a fire, and safety procedures should be carefully implemented and maintained.

At KJ Fire Safety, we know that fire safety requirements in a care home are more extensive than in regular work facilities. We provide a wide range of fire safety solutions to care homes, including:

–    Fire risk assessments

–    Fire prevention measure implementation

–    Fire detection and alarm system installation

–    Routine fire safety system maintenance

–    Evacuation route establishment

–    24-hour system surveillance

–    Emergency response services

–    Staff training

If you are a Responsible Person in terms of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order of 2005 and need help with fire safety measures, we can help. Give us a call to learn more about fire safety procedures in care homes, our services, and how we can help you ensure a safe environment.


Fire Safety in Care Homes

Care homes typically have many potential fire hazards that can hold a risk of personal injury or damage to property. These hazards include, but are not limited to:

–    Medical oxygen

–    Obstructions like rugs or plants in evacuation routes

–    Poorly maintained safety alert systems

–    Fire doors that are left open for everyday access

–    Ineffective evacuation procedures and no drills

To address these issues, the Responsible Person has to arrange with fire safety specialists to carry out site inspections, and fire risk assessments to formulate a list of professional recommendations. KJ Fire Safety can do these inspections to reduce potential fire hazards in your care home.

We also install custom fire safety equipment like fire detection systems and alarms. Additionally, we maintain these systems to ensure that they are not defective whenever there is an emergency. We also provide care homes with emergency services to reduce the risk of personal injury to residents and employees, smoke inhalation, and property damage.


Care Home Fire Statistics

When looking at the statistics, it is clear that fires in care homes are not as rare as many may think. Statistics that the London Fire Brigade published in 2016 show that, in Greater London alone, there were 120 care homes during 2016, which comes down to an average of ten fires per month.

These statistics are reflected in other cities, including Manchester, Birmingham, and Liverpool. During winter, the monthly average of fires in care homes is as high as twelve. 


Fire Safety for Care Home Personnel

A critical component of fire safety for care homes involves home staff training. KJ Fire Safety offers staff fire training that is compliant with all relevant regulations and legislature. Since the staff’s conduct during a fire can have a significant impact on the outcome, fire safety courses for care home personnel is essential.

Our services are practical, affordable, and professional. If you want to improve the fire safety of a care home in Manchester, contact KJ Fire Safety today and schedule a fire risk assessment.