Fire Extinguishers Wigan

We are your one stop shop for fire extinguishers in Wigan. It is vitally important that your business or homes is protected in case of a fire and this is where we come in. KJ Fire Safety are one of the leading providers of fire extinguishers in Wigan and moreover our engineers are trained to install and service all types of equipment.

Whether it is for commercial or domestic use, we can provide advice on which types of extinguishers you need for your setting. Because of this, you no longer need to worry about having the right extinguishers. You can safely leave the hard work in our hands.


Above all, we are the local experts for fire extinguishers in Wigan. Studies by FETA and IFEDA continue to show that fire extinguishers do work to put out fires and are essential for all premises to have. In addition to installing and maintenance, our team can provide training for you and your staff to ensure they can safely use fire extinguishers in the case of a fire.

Following on, KJ Fire Safety have over 50 years of experience in all things fire extinguisher related. As a result your company and building will always be in safe hands. Secondly, whether you need a fire extinguisher for your boat or you need to supply a large business, our engineers can give you the correct advice for what you need.

Fire extinguishers Wigan


Using KJ Fire Safety Ltd your facilities are guaranteed to be protected no matter the industry. Consequently businesses we supply include sectors in healthcare, education, hospitality, retail, HMO’s (houses of multiple occupancy) and any other type of premises. Therefore our flexibility means that you can choose the service that you require and let us do the hard work for you.

Along with fire extinguishers we also provide other services in Wigan. For instance we also provide fire alarm services, fire risk assessments, and security related equipment. To make it easier for you we can combine these services for you for a reliable and cost-effective solution for you.


KJ Fire Safety is one of the leading providers of Firexo Extinguishers in Wigan. Our aim is to exclusively roll out these extinguishers in the near future. They are the first fire extinguisher that extinguishers all types of fires. A common issue with traditional extinguishers is that they only put out certain types of fires. Because of this multiple extinguishers are needed in single locations. Thanks to this new formula, it will therefore be easier to use and they can be used on any fire source whether it be liquid, electrical, or even wood.

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