KJ Fire Safety Ltd is the first choice for businesses for all things fire alarm in Warrington. We supply all types of premises with fire alarms throughout the area. Whether you need a wired or wireless system we can help you choose the best fire alarm for your business in Warrington. Having a fire alarm is a legal requirement for many premises and the consequences can be severe for failing to comply with this. By choosing us you are guaranteeing to reduce the risk of damage dramatically for your business.

We can help you choose the best options for your business. We understand that every premises is different and has different needs- you can be sure that we will give you the best options available for you. Health and safety is our top priority and we keep up to date with new and changing legislations. Our work is guaranteed to be conducted to current British standards so you can be sure that your company will be following all requirements.

At KJ Fire Safety Ltd we design, supply, and provide the installation for your fire alarm system in Warrington and offer a competitive and customised service package to suit your company needs. For all things fire alarms Warrington, choose us.

Warrington Fire safety and security


Protect your premises in Warrington with our 24 hour fire alarm monitoring service. This means that your building will remain protected day and night. In the event of an out of hours emergency our all hours service will notify the relevant persons and authorities.

In the case of a fire we will be able to assist you and one of our engineers can help at any time.

Every building and industry has specific fire alarm monitoring requirements. For further information click the button below, or give us a call on 01942 562 021